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Pre Team

Ages 14 and older

This is the perfect option for divers of all levels. In this group you will build basic foundational skills, balance, coordination, and strength. Once a diver has mastered foundational skills and dives they will begin building up to more difficult dives. 

Pre Team athletes may choose to practice up to three days per week. One dry diving practice per week is required to attend pool practice. Practices are 55 minutes and include 15 minutes of warm-up and stretch and 40 minutes of skills training.

It is recommended that divers looking to join the JO Team train at least three days per week.

During the High School dive season, the Pre-Team 14+ age group is not offered. 

This group will resume for our Spring session beginning mid-March. 

If you have a diver this age who is interested in beginning this winter, please reach out to us through email at

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